Leave Your Comfort and Join the Adventure

In the Spring of 2019, we published a newsletter titled, “Leave Your Comfort and Join the Adventure“, focusing on the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zone and allowing God to lead. When we let go of what we’re holding onto, we’re then able to hold the hand of God who leads us on an adventure where we’re able to see more of the world through His eyes. 

“When we are able to look beyond ourselves and the uncertainties ahead, and embrace what God wants for us, and who we were created to be, we discover peace, joy, and purpose.”

In this newsletter, we read about the culture and context of the people in South East Asia, as well as the ministries of our faithful Partners who are living and working there, and making Jesus known among their neighbours. In addition to their obedience and ability to put their faith into action, the common thread amongst the Partners we met there was that they were serving and working in a place they would have never imagined they would be! 

It was never a place they envisioned or expected to work. Yet each was led by God in unique and profound ways to serve using the skills and experiences they were already given. These are ordinary Christians with a heart for God’s Kingdom, realizing and following their calling. In addition to investing time to learn local language, and understanding the local people’s life and culture, they faithfully serve and work in communities, and share their lives with people.

Read the full newsletter here.