PrayMake a real impact from wherever you are.

We partner with a number of prayer initiatives which will inspire and equip you to pray with faith and love for the world.

"To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees."
Billy Graham

Prayer changes thingsGod shows us the world through His eyes.

Prayer is the hard work. Prayer takes effort and time. Time set apart to come before God and bring the Kingdom work before Him. Yet, prayer gives us joy, peace, life, and hope.

Through prayer, God shows us the world through His eyes. Prayer changes our attitudes and perceptions as we listen to God, seek to understand where He is at work, how He is working, and how we can humbly serve Him.

It impacts our lives, our communities, our world and most of all brings us into an encounter with God. In prayer, we bring our needs and the needs of our world to God. We also seek to listen to God – seeking to understand what He is already doing and how we can be engaged. 

God invites us to be a part of what He is doing in the world through prayer. The prayers of our supporters have sustained and blessed the work of Interserve ever since it began. Without prayer support we would not be able to bring God’s love to the people of Asia and the Arab World.

We greatly value your prayerful support. Our hope is that your prayers will be more informed and guided, through the resources, stories, posts, and newsletters provided. Please join us as we pray in expectation and excitement for what God is doing and will do. 

  • "We are so aware of our need for the strength that only God can give. Thank you for faithfully lifting us up in prayer. Without the work of God through his Spirit we could not hope for transformation in our own lives or the lives of those around us. We are real, frail, very human people – we experience fear and long for our faith to be strong and for Jesus to be glorified. You are so important to us."


(an Interserve Partner teaching in South Asia)

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We invite you to partner with us in prayer and be part of the Kingdom work. We have a prayer initiative called PrayPal, which is sent out twice a month by email.

PrayPal is an expanded prayer resource that allows for more effective intercession for our Partners, OnTrackers and the people they influence.

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    Start or join a prayer group.

    Prayer is the backbone of cross-cultural work. Without your faithful prayers the work Interserve is doing would be impossible.

    You can start a prayer group with your friends or church and pray for the work as well as the people in Asia and the Arab World. Otherwise, you can join a pre-existing group.

    We have groups all over the country. If you’d like to hear more about our prayer groups or want to get in touch with the leaders of the groups, please email us at to get started, we'd love to chat!

    Email us to get started

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      • "The first time I experienced the power of prayer was in my nursing training. I was not a Christian and unknown to me, 6 of my classmates in the Nurses Christian Fellowship took me on and started praying for my salvation. I didn't want to go to church, but I kept going back week after week, until I became a Christian. The fact that I became a believer clearly showed that prayer has power."

      • "Prayer has been transformative and I have been blessed by the opportunity to get involved with His Kingdom work by gathering with others and praying together regularly."

      • "In every way, without prayer, Partners on the field may do a good work in their area of training, but will not see spiritual fruit without the Holy Spirit’s involvement. This can come from a prayer group committed to them, and lifting this work up to the only One who makes this work possible."

      • "It has been a blessing to lead a group who is committed to regularly pray for God’s work in the world. One doesn’t always have the discipline to commit to prayer, but praying as a group is easier. As groups continue to meet, friendships can form and that has made getting together quite special."  

      • "Our group has enjoyed having Interserve Partners come and share specific requests, which helps better inform us on how to pray. We’ve also been greatly encouraged and strengthened after hearing if and how God has answered the prayers."

      • "Reading the Partners’ newsletters help to inform our prayers. Sometimes our group is able to hear from Partners virtually via Zoom and this creates a closer connection and gives more of a personal touch."

      • "Here are just some examples of answered prayer: visas granted, money provided, sick being healed, Christian schools accepted by governments in hostile countries, opportunities to share the Gospel through friendships, and people committing their lives to Jesus."
      • "Thoughtful, conversational prayer back and forth amongst the group helps to create a sense of focus, commitment, and anticipation. And that, comes with the premise mentioned at the beginning: being convinced that prayer has power and without it the Kingdom of God will not advance."

      - Dianne P. (Edmonton Prayer Group)

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