Get InvolvedMake an impact.

We are all called to put our faith into action,

and get involved in making Jesus known.

Here are four responses that any of us can follow.

Partner with us!


Prayer is powerful and vital. It's an effective and impactful way to serve without traveling or spending any money. It's an easy way to start, a crucial part of the Kingdom work, and it grows and transforms us!

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Discover what God is doing and what He’s created us for. Your picture of God’s redemptive work will be enlarged as you learn more through our newsletters, resources, social media and more.

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Each Partner on the front lines needs a team. Support God’s Kingdom work and partner with us to send someone who is called to ‘Go’. Share what you've been given and give an eternal gift.

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Join the adventure and be part of the mission. Use what God has already given you and go where He is already at work. Work somewhere different, short or long-term and put your faith into action.

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