Our VisionTo see lives and communities transformed through encounter with Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to make Jesus Christ known to the peoples of Asia and the Arab World. 

Join the adventure and put your faith into action.

Ordinary ChristiansChanging tomorrow by what we do today.

Interserve is a community of ordinary Christians putting faith into action. We live and work among some of the most marginalized peoples of the Arab World and Asia, both in their home countries and among the diaspora in Canada.

We are doctors, teachers, social workers, accountants, carpenters, nurses, entrepreneurs, community development workers and more; using our skills to serve and to train others. What does that look like?

We are equipping local pastors and leaders across North Africa, we are teachers in  Central Asia, South Asia and the Gulf region, we are working on Bible translations into languages that don't yet have access, we are nurses in North Asia and Southeast Asia, we are developing thought-provoking online media that challenge young people to explore faith in the Arab world, we are empowering at-risk women and providing them with job training in Southeast Asia, we are constructing homes for widows in South Asia, we are working in refugee ministries in Toronto and in the Balkans, we are reaching newcomers in Montreal and Vancouver through sports, and more. 

We prioritize locally-led projects and we believe that local Christians who put their faith into action can make the greatest change in their communities. So wherever possible, we partner with them – serving together, mentoring, training and encouraging.

Motivated by Christ’s heart of compassion, and in partnership with His church, we share what we've been given and experienced to change tomorrow by what we do today.

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VideoSarah's story.

Sarah grew up with abuse and abandonment as her every day reality.
Members of the Interserve community were able to come alongside her in love and God transformed her life completely.
This is Interserve's vision, to seek whole-life transformation among the peoples of Asia & the Arab World through encounter with Jesus Christ.

Interserve Canada is Registered as BMMF International Service Fellowship

Since 1852We share Jesus' love in practical, wholistic ways.

It started in 1852, when a few women decided to put their faith into action. They went to South Asia with their professional skills as nurses, to live and work among those with no access to the Gospel. These women inspired a movement of ordinary Christians stepping out in faith to live wholistically and make Jesus known.

Over 170 years later, this movement of Love in Action continues through Interserve. We now have over 800 Partners from over 15 National Offices around the world. We live and work alongside the peoples of Asia and the Arab World, in their home countries and in Canada.

In partnership with the local church, we tackle marginalization and disadvantage. Together, we cultivate tangible Love that transforms lives and communities.

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VideoOur history.