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Go Magazine

Produced by our friends at Interserve GBI, Go Magazine is a beautiful collection of stories, articles, and more. You can check out the latest Go Magazine publication here.

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Bible StudiesDive deeper into the missional heart of the Bible.

The following Bible study materials promote and build a greater understanding of Interserve's view and direction on wholistic mission, partnership, and God's kingdom. We pray these would help you in your journey to discover your role in God's redemptive work in the world. These studies are published by Interserve International.

God's Big Idea

In wholistic mission, we are called to join God in His purpose and in His mission. In this study, we explore and examine what wholistic mission means, what Scripture says about it, and how we can become a part of God's "big idea". Download PDF

Business as Mission

Business as mission (BAM) is a strategy that utilizes the potential of business for intentional cross-cultural impact. Dive in and see how BAM works, what Interserve's perspective is and how BAM is used for expanding God's kingdom. Download PDF

Together with God

Working with and within the church has always been vital to how Interserve makes Jesus known. Use this guide to better understand how we relate to the global church, and how we can strive to make disciples of all nations together. Download PDF

Practical information & resourcesGrow in supporting and engaging in Global Missions

Conversation. Discover. Action.

A show for Christ-followers who want to participate more effectively in God’s work both at home and to the ends of the earth. The purpose of the Global Missions Podcast is to provide helpful resources and practical information to churches and individuals to help them effectively support and engage in global missions across 200+ episodes. Learn More

Resources for Senders.

The Global Missions Toolbox is a collection of resources curated specifically for those who are faithful Christ-followers who will not necessarily live on a mission field themselves yet are earnest about advancing the Great Commission, such as pastors, missions committee members, and friends and family members of Goers. Learn More

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    About InterserveServing the unseen.

    With over 170 years of cross cultural experience, Interserve is an interdenominational and international community of ordinary Christians that exists to make Jesus Christ known through wholistic ministry, in partnership with the global church, among the neediest peoples of Asia and the Arab world.


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