Faith and action Bringing life and hope to the peoples of Asia and the Arab World.

We help people use their skills to share Jesus' love in practical, wholistic ways where he is least known.
In God's mission, we all have a part to play. 


Interserve Canada is Registered as BMMF International Service Fellowship

Living to impact eternity Created for a greater purpose.

Today, over 3 billion people live their lives without ever hearing about the hope that only Jesus brings.

It's daunting and overwhelming to know how one can make a difference in the world or to know where to begin. We may choose to look the other way or hide behind fear and complacency, but we know we were created for more.

We were created to join God in His mission, to be good stewards of what we've been given, and to put our faith into action, trusting in the only One who will make a difference!

Live TransformedPut your faith into action.

Our God is on an unstoppable mission to bring redemption and restoration to lives and communities through Jesus Christ.

This mission is the most fulfilling and worthwhile adventure you can ever hope to join, and God is inviting you to be involved.

Join us and go on the adventure of a lifetime! If you can't go, you can still play a vital role and help send or pray for those who have been called to 'Go'. Put your faith into action and make an eternal impact today.

3 ways you can Get involved today.

Go and make Jesus known

  • 2. Start Your Preparation & Training

  • 3. Be Part of the Mission by Going with God and Making Jesus Known

Give an eternal gift

  • 2. Select a Ministry Program to Support

  • 3. Be Part of the Mission by Enabling & Sustaining Those Called to 'Go'

Pray for Jesus To Be Made Known

  • 2. Pray in a Group/On Your Own

  • 3. Be Part of the Mission by Providing Critical, Much-Needed Prayer Support

Since 1852Helping ordinary Christians live to make Jesus known.

Finding your place in God's mission can be challenging, but we have over 172 years of proven experience equipping, training, sending, and supporting ordinary Christians faithfully making Christ known to the peoples of Asia and the Arab world.

Whether short-term or long-term, we will work with you and help you find a role that will fit with your interests, skills, talents, career paths, and vocational experiences - all of which are for Kingdom purposes.

You won't be alone in your journey. When you join Interserve, you become part of a team, a community, and a global fellowship. 

VideoWalk with us.

Hit the play button and walk with us.
You'll get a better idea of where we serve, who we serve, 
how we serve, and what faith in action can look like.

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