Interserve: Who are we?

Interserve is a global, multi-cultural community of ordinary Christians who, since our beginnings in India in 1852, have been serving the neediest peoples of Asia and the Arab World. This passion is rooted in a biblical vision of God’s justice and compassion for His whole creation.

Interserve places people with a combination of spiritual, professional and practical skills into some of the most challenging places on earth, to bring the good news through word and deed.  We enable people to experience the love of Jesus Christ in practical ways.

We aim to grow as disciples and enable others to do the same. With over 167 years of cross cultural experience, we help Canadians put their faith into action and get involved in God’s mission of making Jesus known.

Today, there are over 800 partners with us who are spread across the world doing God’s work and spreading the gospel to those who have minimal to no exposure to God’s Word.