Tips on How to Mobilize

You may know someone in your church or circle of friends that has a call to go to serve unreached peoples. Sometimes called a support group, care group, or sending team, this is a real and vital role for people to come alongside and discern what God is saying to them. You can be involved by journeying with them, mentoring and encouraging those who have this call.  We encourage you to contact us, so we can help discern and pray with you!


Here are some tips:

  • Organize a send team around them. This is a circle of friends who will pray and support them, and also welcome the person back on Home Assignment.
  • Anyone who goes to the Arab World or Asia will need someone to take care of business for them in Canada. You can help with managing finances, handling post and maintaining the presence in Canada.
  • Some who have the call may be questioning what they hear from God. Journey with them, praying and searching the scriptures seeking God’s clarity.
  • Tell others about the exciting things that are happening in mission.


For more information on how to build care groups or support groups to come alongside mission workers, check out this great podcast episode, titled “Episode 103: Creating Care Groups for Mission Workers” by our friends at the Global Missions Podcast.