Share the Light of the World to those on the margins


This ChristmasShare Jesus, our Family Redeemer

At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus’ coming to earth in Bethlehem. In his family line we find another arrival to Bethlehem: a foreign woman called Ruth.

Ruth was marginalised as a foreigner and widow in a new country. She had no place, no rights, no security or inheritance.

But she found her place and her family redeemer in Boaz who showed support, kindness and love to her.

Ruth was redeemed from poverty to abundance, woven into a family and given a bright future.

In the same way, Jesus’ love redeemed us from poverty to abundance, and He’s woven us into His family.

Interserve Partners love and support people like Ruth, people who are refugees, foreigners, or on the margins of society.

That’s why Interserve serves the people of Asia and the Arab world wherever they are – be that globally or locally in Canada – sharing the Light of the World with them.

You can play a vital part in inviting ‘the foreigner’ in!

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This Christmas, we need to raise more support to ensure the work of reaching the peoples of Asia and the Arab world continues despite rising costs and many obstacles.

Make an eternal impactYour giving brings Jesus' Light to those on the margins

Light through Faith

Equipping followers of Jesus to live as disciples in their local context.

Light to Women and Girls

Building peace and helping women and girls overcome abuse.

Light to Refugees and Newcomers

Sharing the journey with refugees and asylum seekers.

Light through Healthcare

Providing quality care for people in remote or poor communities.

Light for a Healthy Environment

Enabling people to live responsibly and care for their environment.

Light Across Cultures

Helping people step across Culture, Faith and Language.

Light through Tangible Love

Tackling disadvantage together, compelled by Jesus’ Love.

Light through Proclamation

Sending workers to proclaim the good news of Jesus to the unreached.

StoriesTangible Love that transforms lives and communities.

Equipping Church Leaders across the Arab World

"I was blessed by co-leading our largest gathering of the year for church leaders from across North Africa and the Middle East. This year, we had almost 500 church leaders come together to explore new options and opportunities for reaching the Muslims of the Arab World for Christ." (Alla, North Africa)

Sharing about Jesus through Food and Friendship

"Through a cooking program at a community centre, I have been connecting with Muslim women, where we introduce different cultures, cook together, eat, and share stories from the Bible. Over a couple of years, I have established good friendships with these ladies and they are so much more open to hearing about God's love. (Ani, Canada)"

Shining Light in the Dark Places

"I've found joy reaching out and offering support and friendship to at-risk women who work in the Red-Light District, many who have experienced exploitation and injustice. In this ministry, we walk with these women and point them towards hope, healing, and new life in Jesus." (Jen, Southeast Asia)

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Thank you for being a part of the Interserve community, seeking to be a blessing – a light shining brightly as together we serve those to whom we have been sent.

Shine your light with your generous gift, as we bring Jesus' Light to those we serve across Asia, Canada and the Arab world.