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Interserve personnel have been serving in many different professional capacities in North Africa, the Middle East and across Asia for over 150 years. We can facilitate opportunities for both short-term assignments (one month to one year) and long-term service (more than three year).

Interserve will help your ministry have an impact. The Lord wants to use each of us in the place where we are needed most, the place where our particular experience, gifts and skills can be best utilized. With all factors being equal, that place is going to be where the need is greatest and where the workers are fewest.

Interserve is focused on the Muslim, Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist peoples. We are consciously working in the places that are underserved. Will you be one of the many who are responding to go and serve among those peoples? Some of these people have not even known what the gospel of Jesus Christ is, let alone had the opportunity to believe it for themselves.

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