Who We Are

Who We Are |

Interserve is a network of Christians from all over the world committed to each other and in partnership for service to the people of Asia and the Arab World.

It is made up of over 800 professionals and trained personnel who integrate their professional skills with their faith to minister wholistically to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people they serve.

The strength of our organisation is in our commitment to partner together in reaching the hard places of the world. We aim to make Christ known across cultures by word and action in countries where otherwise He wouldn’t be known.

By placing Christians with skills in these areas to serve individuals, churches and communities wholistically they are being the real salt and light of this world.

Our leadership is formed from our partners who, through personal experience and the organisation’s 157 years of accumulated experience relating to cross-cultural mission, we have a strong sense of direction and purpose.

Interserve Canada is just one part of the global Fellowship that is Interserve.