What We Do

What We Do |

Our motto, “Servants for the Hard Places,” is meant to capture our sense of calling to go to those people groups that have had least exposure to the gospel. In order to serve these various Muslim, Hindu, and Tibetan Buddhist peoples we need Christian professionals who understand how to integrate their work and faith and incarnate the love of God in Christ through everyday relationships both vocationally and socially.

Kingdom professionals can use practically any professional qualification and skill to serve with Interserve. There are over 50 different occupations currently being practiced by Interserve professionals. You can serve God’s heart for the nations through the numerous opportunities that Interserve provides.

Our partners usually raise all their financial and prayer support though some receive salaries in paid positions depending on the profession and field. Interserve Canada coaches its partners as they raise their support team of individuals and fellowships who the Lord brings together around His calling to serve in the Hard Places.

To find out how your particular experience, gifts, and qualifications can fit into His great heart, fill in the Preliminary Information Form.