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UNESCO says that today most countries in the world are threatened by shortages of teachers. Add to this the fact that many teachers in countries where we work are young and inexperienced. The result is a tremendous need for both teachers and teacher-trainers in various disciplines.

Opportunities exist for teaching in various disciplines at all school levels including college and university level, as well as imparting professional training in specialisations like business, forestry, etc.

Today, some 380 million people speak English as their first language and another 600 million speak it as their second. A billion are learning it and by 2030, it is predicted almost half the world will be more or less proficient in English. Does this piece of information cause you to consider, like many others, the potential of teaching English as an effective means of reaching out to this world? For more information contact us about ESL opportunities.

Teaching opportunities abound for teaching local, expatriate & missionary kids at international schools and boarding schools, as well as small-group and home-school settings. As well, there are many positions for support personnel in boarding schools.

Are you a retired teacher or school principal looking for a fulfilling and challenging role in global missions? Let’s talk about possible short-term and long-term opportunities as teachers, teacher trainers, administrators, and education consultants in challenging parts of the world.