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South Asian Region: South Asia, a region of ancient traditions and religions, it is the birthplace of Buddha and the cradle of Hinduism just to name two of the oldest religions of the world. The slow pace and tranquility in this region captures the imagination of many a western traveler – a place where old ways and old values are highly respected and things never seem to change.

Religions: Hinduism is the predominant religion in India and Nepal, with around 830 million Hindus in both countries. Islam is the main religion in Pakistan and Bangladesh with roughly 300 million Muslims in both countries. There are significant Christian minorities in all these countries.

How we’re involved: This is a land of booming IT businesses. Large cities are bustling with activity. Modern transportation is replacing the traditional. Technology is no longer the privilege of the rich, but available to the wider community. The area is wide open to change and wants to align itself with the rest of the modern world. There is a hope among the people today, a belief that this is a God given time to build societies where ignorance, poverty and injustice are no longer the rule. A region where there are plenty of opportunities for personal and communal growth. A few examples of Interserve projects in the region: Fashion design, engineering, hydrology, occupational therapy and education.