Are You Ever Too Young Or Too Old For Cross-Cultural Mission?
You need to be between the ages of 18 – 65! Through Interserve, the right people between these ages can make a wonderful contribution in cross-cultural mission. If you are passionate about using your skills to serve others, committed to sharing your faith in word and action, then contact us to discuss the opportunities.

Isn’t It Dangerous?
Yes, it can be. Interserve recognizes and affirms that it has been called into ministry in places of great spiritual and physical need. As a consequence, our personnel may be exposed to levels of hardship and even danger and risk, which are beyond those normally expected of life in Canada. Jesus tells us to expect threats to ur safety if we follow Him. Indeed, Paul spent much of his ministry in prison, yet did so gladly and with tremendous impart. Sometimes, safety and sharing the gospel appear mutually exclusive. It is acknowledged that there is no ‘safe place’ anywhere on the earth, and that any assumption that risk can be eliminated is misplaced and naïve.

At the same time, many safety concerns are largely unfounded. The media is interested in reporting only the few dramatic bad news stories while neglecting the vast majority of good news stories. Yet most cross-cultural workers live and work in these so-called trouble spots safely and enthusiastically.

How Do I Choose a Mission Agency?
There are thousands of mission agencies in existence today and no two are alike so choosing one can be overwhelming.

So what should you look for when choosing an agency?

Mission agencies differ in terms of their primary vision, where they focus their efforts, whether they serve the whole body of Christ or a single denomination, how they go about their work, and what kind of organizational structure they have.

Some agencies do only one kind of ministry; for example, literature production and distribution, Bible translation or Media Outreach. Other agencies concentrate on one or two geographical regions or people groups.

Get all the information you can about the mission agency and their people. What countries do they work in and why? What methods are used? What training and support do they give? What requirements do they have?

You want an agency that will be a good fit for your own sense of calling and qualifications.

Listen to their catch-phrases and how they define themselves. How does the mission agency work with the local churches and the other mission agencies? How much are they involved in building the kingdom of God versus their own denominational or mission agency churches?

Why Go With a Mission Agency?
In a culture that esteems independence, it is sometimes difficult to understand why we should get involved in a mission agency when we are capable of getting overseas on our own.

For precisely the reason that we would not worship alone in our living rooms but rather seek out the fellowship of other like-minded followers of Christ, becoming a member of the body of Christ in its local manifestation, we are called out into the mission of the church corporately. To reach out in Christ’s love to the whole world, and especially those who have yet to hear the Good News, is not the job of an individual, but of the body of Christ. That being said, it is difficult for a local church here in Canada to understand the ins and outs of living overseas and therefore we have the mission agency, available to the church to aid in sending out labourers.

We are built for community and together Christ calls us into mission. In joining with others you will being adding momentum to what has already been started, by those who are already at work in the hardplaces. In joining others you will be finding fellowship with like-minded team members who will be able to strenghthen your hands when you become discouraged and rejoice with you in good times. In joining others you will be offering your own support and gifts into a team where you can mutually build one another up.

Finally, being part of an organization gives you credibility and creates a system of accountability.