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Interserve began in England in 1852 as part of a radical new movement of global Christians. A group of teachers and some of the first medically trained Christian women showed great love and compassion to the women and children of India’s Zenanas (women’s quarters). This was revolutionary for the time and amazing breakthroughs followed. The first women’s hospitals in India were founded; orphanages and schools were started, including the first blind school; the Bible was taught and the good news of Christ shared.

In 1957 the organization became the Bible and Medical Missionary Fellowship (BMMF). The name Interserve was finally adopted in 1987, reflecting our charter to serve people internationally through a broad range of skills.

Today we are made up of 700 Partners from 19 nationalities that send cross-cultural workers to 25 countries in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, South and East Asia. We work in partnership with other agencies to ensure the work of our Partners reach those who need it the most.