How We Work

How We Work |

Interserve Partners contribute their professional skills in countries across the Arab World and Asia. In some countries, Partners work on direct contract to a government or private institution. A visa is granted for the job recognized by the secular authority. The same is true for those who establish their own business in the country of service.

Some of our people work in co-operative ventures with like-minded groups. Interserve is a founding member of the United Mission to Nepal and Joint Christian Services in Mongolia as well as similar united organizations working in Afghanistan and North Africa. In each case, there is a protocol agreement with the government under which specified programs are undertaken – in health, education, technical engineering, community development and other sectors.

We are committed to co-operation with existing churches and Christian agencies in our area of service, providing no restrictions are imposed on the Biblical emphasis and character of our work. We emphasize the training of national leadership, believing it is crucial for the growth of the church and the development of nations.