Central Asia

Central Asia |

Central Asian Region: Central Asia consists mainly of a cluster of newly independent countries in a relatively unknown part of the world; countries with differing cultures and histories and resources but al with many similarities. This area of the world is weathering pressing economic crises. They are attempting to modernise while maintaining and defining their national character. Most of the newly-independent Central Asian Republics recognize the need for international assistance in improving their societies, economic structures and institutions. Their people are friendly, hospitable and highly educated though in economic difficulty.

Religions: While Sunni Islam is the main religion in this region, there are large numbers of Greek and Russian Orthodox.

How we’re involved: These countries are very open to international assistance. In the name of Christ we have responded in a variety of ways e.g. we develop and facilitate work in the areas of medical, educational and community development; we encourage and mentor national business men in running their own businesses. Other ways Interserve works in the region is by helping the homeless, working with people with disabilities, and in community development.