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Arab World Region: As defined by the Arab League, 22 Middle Eastern and North African countries make up this area of the world. The world so often misses the richness of culture and history in this part of the world and sees it only as a volatile and dangerous part of the planet.

Religions: Sunni Islam has been the predominant religion in the Arab World since the 7th century, when the Muslims of Arabia spread throughout the region. Substantial Shiite communities exist, predominantly in Iran and Iraq. There have been Christian communities in parts of the Middle East since the time of Christ and many still exist especially in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. There are several communities of Jews in the region, although most Jews have moved to Israel since its foundation in 1948.

How we’re involved: In some of these countries, Interserve partners seek to serve God in a variety of roles such as health professionals, community development personnel, and media experts. Some are in teaching roles in schools and universities, others are developing business opportunities and some are working alongside the local church in support and encouragement.